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Eight years  for an institution is a worthy stage of matching expectations and becoming a Model institute with good achievement and result. This report is also an opportunity to recall all the blessings enjoyed with difficulties and hardships endured. It is also a place of retrospection to looking towards a better future with confidence.

Education for Human Resource Development is one of the objectives of the institution. To achieve this objective the institution offers Diploma in Special Education (VI) in preparing special educators to teach he children with visual impairment studying from pre-school to elementary school level. From 2008 the institution is approved and recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India  New Delhi, to run this department of HRD. Since then we have taken various initiatives to increase the numbers of special educators especially in Eastern U.P. to respond to the needs of the visually impaired children.


Aim of the Institute:

⇒ Education and Rehabilitation of the child/person with disability in an Inclusive setup.


Objective that will achieve this aim through the department of HRD:

⇒ To develop manpower to teach Visually Impaired Children at Elementary & Secondary special schools and inclusive Education setup.

⇒ To enrich the knowledge and skills of teachers already employed in the field of visually Impaired through various courses.

⇒ To make a linkage between education and rehabilitation of visually Impaired Children.